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Corporate events tend to have a negative reputation. Maybe people think because large corporations are run by professionals and they think that means the event will be boring. Just because the organization is run by incredibly smart, professional people does not mean the next company event will be dull. Are you wanting to plan a corporate event that will be full of energy and something that will wow your employees and stakeholders? It all starts with the specifics.

Here are a few steps to help you plan your next corporate event:


1. Determine your goals and objectives

What type of event do you want to host? (An appreciation event, a trade show, a conference or trade show) How many people will be in attendance? Do you plan to make a profit? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself and the decision makers. Make sure you can measure these goals and objectives so you can prove how valuable the event will and can be.


2. Put your budget together

This is an extremely important step. Even a rough budget can help you get an idea of what the corporate event may cost. You may need to look at past events the company has held so you are not just making an educated guess. You can then put these numbers together and get the go-ahead from the decision makers. Once you have a working budget in place, you can then update the numbers as you move forward with your planning.


3.Select a date

This may seem like an obvious step but getting a final date nailed down may not be as easy as you think. Be sure to coordinate with the company leaders and the venue so you can secure the date and continue on with your plans. It is good to choose a few dates so you have a few options to work with.


4.Choose a theme

Choosing a theme will help set the feel for the whole event. Once you determine this, your whole corporate event will fall into place. Be sure to pick a theme that will draw in attendees as well as one that will build your company’s brand.


5.Select a venue

In order to select a venue, you may need to ask yourself a few questions. What geographic location would be best? How many attendees will we have? Will we need Wi-Fi? Will we need an outdoor patio or entertaining area? You will want to select a venue that can best fit your needs.


6.Finalize agenda and choose speakers

Selecting the right speakers can really make the difference as to whether or not your event will be blah or exciting. Start by creating a list of speakers you would like to have at your corporate event. You will want to find a speaker who is not only a great public speaker but also one that has a healthy social media presence and following. Do your research on Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. Try contacting your list of speakers multiple times until you are able to solidify someone. You might also check within your company. Who knows, maybe there is someone who will be willing to share their insights at the event.


7.Secure sponsors

A lot like searching for speakers, you will also need to do research on your sponsors. You will need to start searching months in advance as most sponsors need plenty of notice and like to plan out their spending for the year. You will want to think about how your event can meet the needs of your sponsors. You will also want to show them value. Be prepared to present them with info on things such as registrations and attendee demographics. When you’re ready to connect with your sponsors, be sure to draft a pitch, connect with prospects, follow-up once or twice, and take notes.

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